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Universal Soldier

During the Vietnam war, Sgt. Andrew Scott one night goes completely bersek and kills most of his platoon. He’s about to kill a couple of innocent Vietnamese women when Private Luc Deveraux intervenes. The two get into a fight and kill each other.

Years later, the government has been working on a secret project reviving dead soldiers and using them for rescue missions. During a mission at Hoover Dam, however, two units, GR44 (formerly Deveraux) and GR13 (formerly Scott) show a glitch which starts to bring back memories of what happened in Vietnam. While the scientists want to take both units out of order for further investigation, commanding officer Colonel Perry decides to keep them active. However, when a curious reporter starts investigating, GR13 returns to his psychotic behaviour with only GR44 being able to stop him…

Sound and Vision:
For a movie from 1992 we get pretty decent image quality. There’s some dust and scratches still present here and there but overall we can’t complain. The colors are very realistic, the contract is decent and grain is completely absent.

The sound doesn’t manage to get us equally excited. Dialogues are most of the time perfectly understandable but the overall sound mix is a bit unbalanced with explosions being quite a lot louder than the rest of the sounds, making you wonder whether you need to turn up the volume or down.

– Audio Commentary
– Guns, Genes, and Fighting Machines
– Tale of 2 Titans
– Alternate Ending

The same extras that you can find on the Special Edition DVD.

Universal Soldier started its life as a cheap Terminator rip-off but became so popular it resulted in multiple sequels and the original getting near cult-status.

This blu-ray release shows that despite for all its shortcomings, Universal Soldier still hasn’t lost its appeal. Roland Emmerich did a splendid job with what he was given and managed to use the cast in such a way that their positive points were highlighted while the negatives were dumbed down. The fact that JC Van Damme’s dialogues are down to a minimum is just an example of this.

Universal Soldier isn’t a fantastic sci-fi action movie and it’s even a bit dated by now, but it still has the appeal it had back in the days when it was released and that’s all we could have hoped for. Except for maybe some better sound and more interesting extras.

Our Score:

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