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Unknown 2-Disc SE

Five men wake up in a deserted factory. They have no recollection of how they got there or even who they are. All they know is that some of them are tied up and others aren’t. It doesn’t take long before they find out that they’re part of some sort of hostage situation, but without having their memory, how can they find out who are the hostages and who are the kidnappers?

Sound and Vision:
Good image quality with decent contrast and lots of detail. Nothing special to say actually, typical stuff you expect from a modern release.

The sound comes with a DTS track that uses the surround speakers in a subtle way without too much emphasis on them.

The usual stuff from Dutch Filmworks again. Trailers, foto gallery, liner notes and a Making Of called “Journey into the Unknown”

The plot of Unknown isn’t really… unknown. It resembles a lot those of that cult classic Cube but then placed in a current-day setting. Still, that doesn’t really hurt the movie. The story remains pretty refreshing and the plot twists – although not completely unexpected – do a nice job in keeping the viewer interested.

Dutch Filmworks released this movie in a 2-disc special edition which has a very nice-looking dvd metal case but as usual the extras aren’t really all that fantastic. The usual stuff we get from them. If you’re looking for an interesting thriller/action movie, then Unknown is certainly one to check out.

Our Score:

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