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Unleashed: Danny the Dog

Bart (Hoskins) is a smalltime criminal who occupies himself with all sorts of dirty deeds. To protect himself he uses Danny (Jet Li), who he’s raised as a dog since he was a child. Whenever Danny has a belt on his neck, he’s calm and doesn’t speak, but whenver Bart releases Danny, the boy turns into a ruthless fighting machine. One day when driving back home, Bart gets into a car accident. Danny runs off and comes across a blind man Sam (Freeman) who takes him into his home. As Danny gets to know Sam and his daughter, he gets back some of his humanity but one day Bart comes knocking at the front door…

Sound and Vision:
This budget re-release of Unleashed: Danny the Dog has average image quality with some edge enhancement but overall there’s little that bothers you. Also, the different parts in the movie have their own color palette which results in a very atmospheric viewing.

You get two soundtracks with this movie and we found that the DTS track is pretty good with dynamic split-surround and clear dialogues coming from the center.


This budget version is a perfect way to enjoy the movie as the extras of the Special Edition are all but interesting and now you don’t have to pay for them

Our Score:

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