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Unnatural Causes

Matt and Julia aren’t having the greatest relationship on earth. They’ve got a succesful advertising agency but Matt suspects his wife of having an affair and is getting so obsessed with this thought that he’s actually asked his co-worker Trevor Jones to have her followed. Trevor, who wants to become partner in the company, does as requested and when he brings pictures to Matt that show Julia talking with another man, Matt goes berserk and wants Julia dead.

When word of Julia’s death little later spreads, Matt gets remorse and kills himself. But Julia isn’t dead and it seems that Matt’s suicide might actually have been a murder…

Sound and Vision:
The movie was originally shot in 1.85:1 but is available on this DVD in 1.78:1 aspect ratio. Although we’ve seen films where this didn’t tamper with the image quality, this one does seem to hurt a bit from that change. There are quite a number of artefacts present and also at certain scenes things look a bit soft.

The sound is very good with aggressive use of the surround speakers during the action scenes with good support from the subwoofer. Dialogues remain crystal clear and are perfectly positioned at the center speaker.


I had no expectations when I loaded this dvd in the player. I didn’t really have an idea of what to expect and decided to have an open mind. Until 10 minutes after the film started. That’s when I started to get bored as the intro sequence just seemed to go on for ever and ever with some annoyingly bad song in the background. Once it finally passed I got to see some of the worst acting I’ve seen in a long time. Tara Reid looked really ugly (for her doing – her face looks blown up) and it’s like she could hardly bring any expression to it. And then I’m not even talking about Angus MacFayden who was doing such a terrible job that one might wonder whether he should consider giving up his acting career or going back to acting school. After half an hour I couldn’t bear continue to watch and decided to put on something else. It’s not often that I don’t finish watching a film but if even a high-speed car chase almost makes me fall asleep it’s clear something is wrong with a movie.

No, there’s no reason what so ever to check out Unnatural Causes (otherwise known as Clean Break).

Our Score:

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