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Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code

Brotherhood of the Blade was the first RPG for the PSP which in the meantime saw more titles in the genre come by. The rather boring dungeons, the little surprising gameplay and the pretty average storyline didn’t really appeal to us at that time. With Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code, the makers want to shut up the critics of the first part.

The storyline already starts a bit less standard, with the setting of a kingdom where a demon rules together with countless hoodlums. You’re a so-called “changeling” who refuses to listen to the orders of the devil in question and has been outlawed as such. And of course there’s only one solution left: save the world! The storyline gets told pretty interestingly, eventhough you’ll afterwards never think back at certain scenes or memorable characters.

After creating your character (all the typical classes are present) and choosing some personalisation options (skin color, hair color and hairtype) you can get going. And going is what you’ll be doing! This is after all the type of RPG where you need to click more than you need to think which is an sich not bad. Also there was put a lot of attention in the variation of attacks (amongst others by adding “opportunity strikes” and charged attacks) so that you’re not only bashing the X button. However, don’t expect a deep combo system or combat engine but more straightforward action.

More fun and more frequently useable is the possibility to change for a short time (after all, you’re a changeling). Only fill your meter by defeating enemies and once filled up you can be a beast. Next to this innovation there’s little original to be found and you can add the rest of the story yourself by imagining the typical conventions of the hack&slash genre.

The makers went for a more original approach on the visuals with a combination of the more typical Dungeons&Dragons setting and anima-inspired characters and objects. Some more detail would have been welcome but the game is quite enjoyable in the graphics and sound department.

In the end, the most eye-catching aspect is the multiplayer where you can start playing with and against other online players. Also through local link you can finish missions in co-op or get to work competitively with up to four players in typical deathmatch and CTF games along with some variations to those. We especially appreciated the co-op but when don’t we!

Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code is without a doubt a step forward compared to the first part of the series. Unfortunately it isn’t a leap forward for the genre and the game offers little innovation. This doesn’t mean the game disappoints as someone looking for a typical hack&slash RPG filled with enemies, items and good multiplayer will fing his thing. For experienced players however, there’s too little new to be found to be able to speak of a top game.

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