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Untold, The

Harlan Knowles is the president of a company which is working on a device which can identify DNA. When his daughter’s plane crashes with the only working prototype of the device and all rescue attempts seem to lead to nothing, he arranges his own rescue party and heads into the mountains to find the missing plane. Not long after their journey started, they find the remains of the airplane along with a video taped by his daughter. Apparantly, while crashing by an electrical failure, they hit something as there was blood on one of the wings and soon after, they got terrorised by a creature which isn’t in the database of the DNA machine. When one of Harlan’s crew finds a cave with some corpses in it, it becomes clear that the creature is also watching them…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality can hardly be called good. Grain and compression errors are all-around while detail and contrast levels could use some upgrading. Also some dots from using a bad source film are present. The director uses several different effects to make things a bit more exciting but they look dated and don’t impress us anymore and make the movie look bad.

The soundtrack in Dolby Digital hardly uses the rear speakers and although the dialogues are nicely positioned at the center speaker you can’t say it’s top notch. Still, the sound is the main positive point of the film.

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The Untold is based on a true story about the Sasquatch but badly filmed. The scenario is plain stupid, the characters seem to be made of cardboard and everyone is acting on cruise control. Only for the real fans of the genre who’ve got too much money and have run out of interesting dvds they might want to buy

Our Score:

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