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Jennifer Marsh works at the FBI as an investigator of internet crimes and as such she spends her nights tracking down frauds, perverts and other criminals who believe the internet is protecting their identity. When the local police gets a tip concerning a website called, it gets sent to Marsh’s division. Jennifer checks it out and quickly realises that it’s a live stream where people can see how a cat gets tortured and the more people come to watch, the quicker the cat eventually dies. Her bosses don’t think much of it, but when little later the site reappears with a man being tortured, the atmosphere quickly changes. As more and more people hear of the website, the amount of visitors quickly rises and each time a new victim is put in front of the camera, the time before death drastically decreases. A race against the clock starts for Jennifer and her team before yet another victim bites the dust…

Sound and Vision:
The colors are toned down to bring a darker atmosphere to the picture and overall the quality of the image is pretty good. Compression errors are hardly present and obnoxious stuff doesn’t really become visible.

The soundtrack does a nice job with some good use of the surround channels and subwoofer although the amount of action is rather small and the movie is more dialogue-centered.


Untraceable is the next movie in the line of Saw-like films. There’s less gore present but the originality of how people get killed remains high and also the overall thriller-element is also better than some of the “clones” we’ve seen recently. This movie therefore isn’t a straight horror shocker but rather a nice thriller that picks up some good elements from Saw to use in its own frame. Nicely done and with the decent acting this movie manages to rise just above average. It won’t become a classic any time soon, but Untraceable is certainly an enjoyable film to watch on a Saturday night.

Our Score:

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