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Usual Suspects, The (Special Edition)

“Verbal” Kint (Kevin Spacey), Michael McManus (Stephen Baldwin), Dean Keaton (Gabriel Byrne), Todd Hockney (Kevin Pollack) and Fred Fenster (Benicio Del Toro) are put together in a police lineup for robbery of an armed truck filled with weapons. Neither of them admits having had anything to do with the matter and after a long interrogation they can leave.

While being held however, they had the chance to talk to each other and make a plan on doing a robbery which will make the police look like fools. Once this robbery is completed, they come into contact with a guy called Redfoot who points them towards a lawyer called Kobayashi (Pete Postlewaithe). Kobayashi tells them that he is hired by a master criminal called “Keyser Söze” whom each of the 5 has unknowingly stolen from. As repayment to Söze, Kobayashi suggests a drug raid on an Argentinian boat which would help Keyser Söze in getting rid of a competitor while the five would receive 91 million dollars. Turning down the offer is not acceptable as Keyser Söze apparantly has incriminating evidence against each one of them and when Fenster clearly shows his doubts on the matter, he ends up dead a couple of days later.

Sound and Vision:
The movie is put on dvd in original format and on one disc as all extras are located on disc two. This results in perfect image quality with nice natural colors, good contrast and no compression errors. Also no edge enhancement or aliasing or whatever can be found.

The same goes for the soundtrack which has good positioned dialogues from the center speaker and subtle use of the rear channels for certain effects, all resulting in a nice spacey sound.

Loads of extras, all located on the second disk, except for the commentary tracks which have comments from Bryan Singer (director) and Chris McQuarrie (writer) on the first one and composer John Ottman on the second.

The second disk starts off with 2 documentaries which include interviews with cast and crew and which are good for about 50 minutes of viewtime. Next up are three featurettes with info on Keyser Söze, interviews with cast and crew and how the cast went to the Cannes film festival. Then we get a couple of short features including a long interview with sound composer John Ottman and a couple of very short interview fragments about the DVD release. Last we get bloopers, funny scenes, deleted scenes, the international trailer, the US trailer and a couple of american TV spots as finishing touch

The Usual Suspects is in my opinion one of the best thrillers ever made with a very suprising plot turn and this special edition DVD release is worthy to carry this movie with all the extras that have been added on the second disk. Must-buy !

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