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V – The Final Battle

The original miniseries which were released on DVD end with the organisation of the resistance. People who thought to have bought the full series were in for a disappointed, but luckily, Warner has brought out the “Final Battle” which goes forth on the story.

Mike Donovan’s son gets kidnapped and brainwashed by the Alien visitors while Mike’s mother becomes their press attaché. New to the series is Michael Ironside who plays Ham Tyler, member of the international organised resistance who try to fight against the visitors on all fronts. When the plans of the aliens to use humans as food (anyone remember “Soilent Green” ?) become known, the resistance puts everything together to do a major attack and disable the entire visitors operations. The fact that not all visitors agree with the plans of their command is a good help as the human resistance discovers some aliens have formed an undercover opposition which might help them.

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound quality of this DVD are much like in “V – The Original Miniseries”.
The image is revamped to 1.78:1 while the series itself was originally recorded in 4:3.

Don’t get fooled by the cover. The sound is a dolby digital mono track (not 2.0) while the screen isn’t in 1.85:1.

Image quality is decent for a series which is 20 years old and so is the sound. Don’t expect great use of surround channels or perfect image. Still, overall things could have been a lot worse.

Nothing really interesting. Or you would be extremely anxious in findings a listing of cast & crew

It’s disappointing that the original miniseries and the final battle aren’t bundled on one DVD. To be honest I can’t understand why Warner didn’t bundle them at all. Having only one of both serves of no purpose as The Final Battle probably won’t mean much without the original miniseries. If you’ve got one of them, you’ll need the other. Just keep this in mind when thinking of buying them.

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