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Vampire Princess Miyu

It’s very hard to give a good description of the 4 episodes which are located on this disc without giving spoilers away but in general it’s a bit like this : Miyu has to fight some demon (actually she has to send all demons from earth back to the underworld) and meanwhile we get to see some background information on who she is, how she became a demon slayer, how she teamed up with her servant Larva, etc. etc.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is good with stable image and bright colors. No compression errors are present so we can’t complain.

The soundtrack is decent but not extraordinary. The surround channels aren’t used a lot and overall some more bass would have been nice.

Some trailers and background information (text-based) on the characters

As with many anime’s, there’s a lot of fighting going on but without forgetting the background story. Vampire Princess Miyu goes even a bit further by making the background story more important than the action. There are no overly bloody scenes and the fact that the characters are somewhat young, this dvd can be put more in the category of “Dragonball Z” (without the “comedy”) rather than classics like Ghost in the Shell or Akira

Our Score:

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