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Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption

If I would have had a boss that would give me deadlines on which I needed to work, I would have had a problem with this game.

You might wonder why, and the answer is simple : I love playing Vampire Redemption, and I really had to push myself for writing this review.
Vampire The Masquerade lets you start as the noble Sir Christof who is a crusader (yea, one of those knights that went to spread the word of God with the sword in the Middle Ages and tried to win back Constantinopel from the barbaric Muslims) that got hurt in battle and gets treated in a monastery in old Prague.

Once recovered from your wounds, you hear that the old city of Prague is being haunted by demonic creatures, and as any good-hearted knight would do, you propose to battle the “evil that lurks in the dark”.

So you start off on your mission, and decide to first clear out the old silver mines from all demons, on the way killing a really ugly Vampire.
Once returned to the monastery, you fall in love with the nurse that treated you while you were injured. Ofcourse, the Bishop of the town doesn’t like that, since your nurse is actually a nun ! (life is cruel) Since you’ve got nothing better to do, you go off and defend the town by night.
After killing some more vampiric monsters and demons though, you get caught by the female leader of the Brujah Vampires who turns you into a vampire…

I’m not gonna tell you more except for the fact that this is only the beginning of the fun, since that would spoil the fun.

Vampire The Masquerade : Redemption is an RPG, based on the popular role playing and card games and although most clans of vampires are present, I did hear from several players of those games that the pc conversion doesn’t go enough in-depth in comparison with these original versions.
For me though, this wasn’t really a problem. I never played the original games, and there are more than enough movies and cut-scenes that should give the average gamer in-depth information and keep him interested in playing.
The big difference between standard RPG’s and Vampire is that you play in a 3rd person view like f.i. Tomb Raider, but with better controls. This is atually the first 3rd person game that I actually enjoyed playing.

Instead of having to move around with arrow keys and shoot with the mouse (like in most 3rd person shooters), everything is done by using the mouse. Wether you want to use a spell, move around or fight : The mouse is your control system.
The only thing that bothered me a bit was that when you’re in a party, your companions sometimes come standing next to you while your fighting which makes it harder for you to actually hit your opponents.

Graphically Vampire can be compared with the better 3rd and 1st person shooters. The engine is really well-done, giving you pretty realistic graphics without ever tampering.

Sound is very important for this type of games in my opinion, and Vampire’s music really makes great atmosphere. Behind every corner you suspect some foe to attack you. Also speach is present, and although the lip-synchronisation while a character talks isn’t perfect, I’m still wondering who did the voice of Sir Christof. Listening to the voice, I would say Christopher Lambert, known from the Highlander-movies.

So with great gameplay, scary music and awesome graphics… is there anything bad about this game ? The only disturbing thing is in my opinion the path-finding of your co-ops. They tend to wait until you’ve ended a fight, or nicely go standing in front of you, making it hardly impossible to attack your adversary. Next to that… I don’t see negative points in this game

Vampire is a great game if you’re into hack’n’slash (action all around) and especially good for those 3D shooter-lovers that want to try something different for a change

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