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Vampires 2: Los Muertos

Derek Bliss, vampire hunter, is a loner who doesn’t like working in teams. Unfortunately for him, he gets a job where the customer demands that a team would be formed which would then go after a group of vamps in Mexico. While trying to get a group together, every hunter he wants to visit gets killed however until he meets Zoë, a woman that has been bitten but manages to stay normal by using an experimental drug. They find out that the vampires in Mexico are looking to perform the ceremony which will give them the possibility to walk in daylight and together with a priest from a monastery, a young boy and a black hard-ass hunter they head off to Mexico to meet their destiny

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent with good detail but the level of black could have been better in certain scenes. Compression errors, artefacts and edge enhancement are absent.

The soundtrack uses the rear channels in a very subtle way but the dialogues sometimes come out of the front left and right speakers instead of the center speaker. This definitely could have been done better

John Carpenter has his audio commentary track and for the rest we get 2 trailers. Nothing interesting.

Vampires 2 has the same problem as most sequels: it lacks the actors and storyline of the original. The dvd quality could have been better though

Our Score:

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