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Vantage Point

During a historical counter-terrorism summit, the president of the United States comes to Spain where he’ll lead the conference but before that he has to make a public appearance, one that will not be forgotten easily. Before he even gets the chance to speak, the president gets shot down and all hell breaks loose when two explosions bring chaos to the city. Through the eyes of several people we see the actions that lead to this event and what has actually taken place.

Sound and Vision:
Vantage Point has incredible image quality. Everything is hair sharp and nothing that can spoil the image is present. At one point I even paused the movie just to look at how incredibly detailed everything looks. If you want to show off your new FullHD television set, just have your friends look at this film.

The same goes for the sound which nicely uses all available channels and will put you in the middle of the action. Great stuff!

– Vantage Viewer: GPS Tracker – PiP Video
– Audio Commentary by director Pete Travis
– Vantage Point: An Inside Perspective
– Plotting an Assassination
– Coordinating Chaos
– Deleted Scene
– Trailers

Vantage Point is an action movie that uses a rewind technique where you each time switch to another point of view when another character is being followed. We’ve seen this before but the amount of times we go back to the same time is unprecedented. This may cause boredom to some people after a while as you know what’s going to happen, but the fact that each time you get to see a little bit more about what’s really going on keeps the viewer interested.

As such, Vantage Point is a decently made thriller/action flick that does its job nicely but there’s one major downpoint: towards the end we go for the typical Hollywood feel-good happy ending which kinda spoils the movie. Other than that Vantage Point is definitely a movie to check out and this Blu-ray release does it justice on all fronts.

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