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W. tells the story of George W. Bush from his youth as college party animal and alcoholic over his finding salvation in religion to his run for president of the US towards his downfall as probably one of the worst presidents the United States have ever had.

Sound and Vision:
The image overall is pretty decent with a good level of detail and sharp images without compression errors spoiling the fun. Only the scenes where actual footage from real events is used are pretty bad but that’s to be expected.

We get a nice DTS track that unfortunately isn’t used at its full potential. The movie is centered around dialogue and as such there’s not much action present that needs the dynamic nature of DTS. Still, we can’t complain 🙂


Oliver Stone takes on yet another historic figure and where he could easily have made fun of George W. Bush in a multitude of way, he decided to show a pretty neutral picture of the man and let his actions speak for themselves. As such, Stone has delivered a remarkable piece of work where we get to see how Bush constantly tries to do the right thing but eventually always falls down and makes the wrong decisions at the wrong time.

I’m sure there are plenty people out there that would have loved to see a movie about Bush being a megalomaniac that hardly has any idea about what’s going on and see reruns of moments like when 9/11 happens and Bush is speechless. That, however, would have been easy and have brought down the entire story of the movie. In my opinion Stone has done the right thing and made a movie about a person who ended up being incapable as president of the US and surrounded by a group of people who were looking out for their own interests instead of those of the nation.

W. is certainly not one of Stone’s best movies but as a portrait of George W. Bush it’s certainly worth checking out.

Our Score:

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