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Waist Deep

After having been in prison for a couple of years, O2 is set free and takes up a job as security guard in order to cut his ties with the criminal world and be able to take care of his son Junior. One day, after picking up his son from school after work, O2 gets held up in traffic and suddenly sees himself getting carjacked. The robbers don’t notice his son is in the back and drive off, leaving O2 behind in desperation. O2 decides to do whatever he can to get his kid back so he contacts his nephew Lucky to see what he can find out. Little later, he’s informed that notorious gangster Big Meat has his son and wants $100.000 to release him. Money O2 doesn’t have as his ex-wife took it while he was in jail and ran off with it…

Sound and Vision:
Waist Deep has a couple of compression errors but luckily not many and they don’t disturb too much. Edge enhancement isn’t present and overall we get decent image quality with good contrast and bright colors.

The 5.1 soundtrack does a very good job with bringing a lot of supporting music to the surround speakers while also the subwoofer does a nice job in this department by supporting the whole.


Waist Deep is a simplistic movie to give a couple of “gangsta-rappers” some extra income. And with simplistic I mean just that. The plot twists seem to have absolutely no purpose, the sideline about people standing up against violence in the streets of LA only comes into play as a good help to get soem banks robbed, and in the end it all comes down to this: daddy loses son, daddy picks up abused hooker who he falls in love with, some guns are fired, daddy gets son back and they all live happily ever after

Our Score:

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