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War of the Worlds, The (1953)

When a comet hits the earth, a whole bunch of people immediately head off to check it out, amongst them Dr. Clayton Forrester who finds it strange that the meteor made only a small crater. That night, while the town people are speculating on how to attract tourists to watch the meteor, three men want to take another peek at it and see a strange ship coming out of the piece of rock. When they try to approach it, the alien vessel fires some kind of beam at them and they disappear. Little later, more ships appear and it becomes quite clear very fast that their intentions are all but friendly. The whole world is getting prepared for a war against these alien invaders which appear to come from Mars, but are the united military forces capable of stopping these seemingly unharmable ships from Mars ?

Sound and Vision:
War of the Worlds is a movie from 1953 and the fact that no new digitally remastered version is made is clear when you watch this DVD. The image has a couple of spots but luckily not too disturbing. On the other hand, details seem to get lost in dark area’s and overall the image looks dated.

The soundtrack is in stereo and compared with today’s Dolby Digital 5.1 movies, this is no match. No surround sound clearly makes this movie look even more dated than the story or effects are.


War of the Worlds, based on a story from H.G.Wells, is one of thé classics in movie history when it comes to science fiction and the fact that in 1988 a TV series was created and for 2004 a remake is scheduled, shows this clearly. The special effects, although looking outdated these days, were spectacular in the 50’s and thus even managed to get the movie an Oscar. Unfortunately, the sound and image quality are pretty outdated for these days, making this more a DVD for collectors and real movie lovers than for the general public

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