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Ward, The

1966, North Bend, Oregon. Kristen gets captured by the police after setting a house on fire and gets sent to the North Bend Psychiatric Hospital where she meets Dr. Gerald Stringer who uses experimental therapy to cure his patients.

She doesn’t quite remember what she did or why, but one thing is for sure: she’s determined to not stay for long. Her fellow patients Emily, Sarah, Zoey and Iris, however, don’t think she’ll have much of a chance for escaping as “nobody leaves” the hospital…

Sound and Vision:
The Ward’s looks fit perfectly with the time setting of the movie and also the various scenes have a remarkable different appearance. The outside scenes at the beginning look bright and vibrant like a colored version of old 1960s movies, while the hospital’s interiors are more sterile blues. Then there are scenes in the basement that reflect a bit the atmosphere of Saw movies and it all blends together nicely. A very good job actually. Especially as we didn’t spot any compression faults that spoil the fun.

The audio of course perfectly accompanies what’s going on on the screen, making for a tension-filled track that uses all channels and puts the viewer in the middle of the action. Nice!


9 years after Ghosts of Mars, John Carpenter returns to the director’s chair for The Ward, a horror movie that may not be all too original, but does manage to deliver a creepy atmosphere filled with tension.

The first scene in the hospital sets the tone and Carpenter keeps it until the very last second. The plot twists aren’t much of a surprise and the final ending is as expected, but the voyage is very enjoyable and scary as hell. Carpenter shouldn’t wait so long for making another movie. We want more!

Our Score:

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