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WarioWare: Do It Yourself

WarioWare: Do It Yourself is a logical successor for the series that got famous thanks to the minuscule microgames that require nothing more than playing one small game lightning-fast. In these times of user-generated content it therefore seems the perfect candidate to give everyone the opportunity to think of some insane games and work them out for the Nintendo DS.

The basic gameplay is of course still good. The games are fun, original, super short and quite pleasant to check out for a few hours. However, that isn’t all there is this time. The simple mechanics, the short length of the separate games and the limited need for visuals make that you can now also get going yourself and after an afternoon of tinkering around you can have come up with quite a lot of fun stuff.

This is amongst other things thanks to the clear tools you get to make things, added with some jokes from Wario who often comes visiting unexpectedly during the many lessons that are available. Also there’s some sort of fake forum that’s not only funny but also gives interesting tips. You learn how to make drawings, how to put together AI and you can even compose your own music tunes and create a mini-comic.

Even better, the possibilities are a lot more extensive and deep than I had expected and the only limit is your creativity. You can also dissect the games that come with the title, steal and copy parts of them, or just try to alter them a bit. Also tons of jewels are ready for download, amongst others from famous developers who Nintendo asked to contribute to the library.

Unfortunately you have to again use Friends Codes to be able to share your own creations and some more work going into the system to share and evaluate would have come in handy. Unexplainable as this limits the game’s potential quite a lot at the moment.

This new WarioWare is qua gameplay not really better than its predecessors and also the innovation is quite limited. Only when you start creating stuff yourself and like going online with your DSi this is worth getting. You’ll find a beautifully worked out editor which will have you amaze friend and foe and can keep creating micro-games for hours. Excellent game but it would have been even better with a more accessible online infrastructure.

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