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Way of the Gun

Benicio Del Toro (Traffic) and Ryan Philippe (Cruel Intention) are 2 low-life criminals who earn their money by giving donations to the sperm bank. One day, however, they see their chance of a lifetime and kidnap the pregnant Juliette Lewis who’s carrying a baby for a stinking rich couple. The idea is to get some money of the rich folks but that’s where they made a mistake. The real parent of the unborn baby are part of the mafia and send a little army of Hitmen under guidance of James Caan to get Lewis back.

What follows are Tarantino-like dialogues, John Woo shootouts, lots of guns and morbid comedy. Brian Singer, who made The Usual Suspects, has created an immediate classic with The Way of The Gun which clearly poses as today’s western with hints to the old cowboy movies by Sam Peckinpah.

Sound and Vision:
This DVD is a technical masterpiece with crystal clear image quality where good contrast, lots of detail and solid shadows are a feast for the eye. Combine that with sound which is put on the disc at maximum bitrate (for both DTS as DD5.1) and you’ve got a winner

Nothing much sadly, as except for a couple of interviews with the makers, a trailer, tv-spots and descriptions of the main character are all you’ll get.

Don’t think too much about the extr’s but still… who buys a DVD for extra’s ? The movie alone is already more than worth the money.

Our Score:

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