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Wedding Crashers, The

John Beckwith (Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vaughn) earn their living as mediators at divorces and they’re pretty good at it. However, that’s not the most important thing for them. During the summer, they tend to crash weddings to make use of the romantic atmosphere and get laid. Whether it’s Jews, Catholics, Indian or whatever, no wedding is safe for their swift talks and smooth moves. At the end of the “wedding season”, they’ve got only one last wedding to attend, but it’s a big one: Treasury Secretary William Cleary’s oldest daughter is getting married and with the secret service around it’s a real challenge to get in.

Still, they manage to get in and as usual, their fast talking makes them very popular at the party. However, when Jeremy wants to leave as he’s just managed to seduce Leary’s youngest daughter Gloria who’s all over him, there’s one problem: John is falling in love with Claire, the third daughter…

Sound and Vision:
We didn’t spot any compression errors or grain and overall the image was pretty sharp and detailed. Good stuff.

The soundtrack is what really surprised us. While most comedies have pretty straightforward sound without too much effects, The Wedding Crashers has a track that’s got quite a lot of punch for its genre. The subwoofer gets some decent action while the rest of the channels do what they need to do.

– Audio Commentary with director David Dobkin
– Audio Commentary with Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn
– Deleted Scenes
– Event Planning: a feature on how the different marriages that were “crashed” in the movie have been filmed and the difficulties that the crew encountered setting things up
– The Rules: a feature that shows Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn explaining some of the rules of Wedding Crashing accompanied with A LOT of movie footage. Not really interesting
– The Rules of Wedding Crashing: 24 static pages of rules to follow when crashing a wedding
– Track Listing: a list of the music used in the movie
– Music Video: The Sights – Circus
– Trailers

I’m not a big fan of Owen Wilson. Actually, I don’t like the movies this guy plays in at all. Still, the Wedding Crashers is the first comedy starring Wilson that I actually enjoyed. Ok, the comedy is far from uplifting but it isn’t as stupid as that in Dumb&Dumber and is quite enjoyable. A-Film also did a terrific job with the image & sound. The extras – although many listed – aren’t really worth much.

All in all, The Wedding Crashers is one of the better comedies we’ve checked out lately and although – as usual with comedies – it’s pretty predictable, it’s very enjoyable and you’ll have fun watching it!

Our Score:

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