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Weight of Water, The

Jean and her husband, the well-known poet Thomas Janes (Sean Penn) go on holiday to the boat of Thomas brother Rich and while being there, Jean wants to visit Smuttynose Island to take pictures of the surroundings where in 1873 a brutal double murder took place. When they arrive, and Jean starts to investigate what really happened, she discovers that the man who was hung for the murder of two women might not have been the real killer. Meanwhile, the relationship with her husband is going down the drain and tention starts to rise as she finds out that her life has several resemblences with the one surviving woman from the old murders that happened.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is to be called almost perfect. Some slight cases of edge enhancement can be discovered but only if you’re really looking for it so it’s definitely not disturbing. The color schemes in the movie differ from scene to scene going from black and white (when photographs are being taken) over dark and loomy (the past) to really bright colors (the present) without any problems for the image quality.

The soundtrack doesn’t have many effects as mostly the film is dialogue-oriented. Speech comes nicely from the center speaker as it should and the music score uses all channels, nicely creating an atmospheric sound. The few times when there are effects that use the surround channels, these are being used in split-surround so this gives a nice itch to the score.

Filmografies and the trailer

The Weight of Water is a perfect title for this movie as the film really weighs on the viewer. It’s not your average Hollywood thriller (I prefer to call it Drama although the “official” listing says thriller) but a rather slow and atmospheric drama which grabs the viewer by the throat from the first minute to the last without giving any room for breathing by the means of humoristic quotes or relaxing action scenes.

Both in the present and past, tension is constantly building up and even when the grand finale happens no moment of relief is giving to the viewer. The Weight of Water isn’t an easy film and will require some character for people to completely view it as it’s all but Hollywood-style but those that seek more than a simple story and some exploding cars will definitely appreciate this movie.

Only minor downpoint is the shallow role of Elisabeth Hurley who’s whole appearance is about looking beautiful and saying rather short and stupid lines

Our Score:

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