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Kim, George and Miles head off to the country-side to spend a holiday in a house of one of their friends. On the way there, they accidentally hit a deer and get stuck in the snow. While waiting for a tow truck, some hunters appear and they seem not all too pleased to see that the deer they’ve been hunting for has been hit. One of the hunters, Otis, even seems completely outraged when they discover the head of the deer is damaged.

Sound and Vision:
The movie uses loads of dark blue shades which should show the darkness and cold but doesn’t really add to the atmosphere. Also, the detail sometimes goes lost in all the darkness. For the rest there’s nothing much to be said as the image is sharp and no compression errors or Edge Enhancement can be found.

The sound is good but don’t expect much of the rear speakers as they are hardly used

Filmographies and a bunch of trailers of other films

Since there isn’t much to be said about the extras or sound and image quality, I’m going to concentrate on the movie here.
The director had the choice between making this a horror movie focusing on the insane hunter, or on the Wendigo creature. Unfortunately, he seems not to have wanted to make that choice, leaving us with a movie which doesn’t make much sense. On one hand you have a crazy hunter who terrorises a family and on the other hand you have a mythological creature which doesn’t do much throughout the movie except appear in the ending and still do nothing but stand there. The tension has to come from film styles which we’ve already seen in movies like Evil Dead and Event Horizon, but where those movies create tension to a high points, here the tension always flows away, leaving you with a feeling of “And ? What’s going to happen ?” while nothing happens. Very disappointing.

Our Score:

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