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Wes Craven presents: They

Julia Lund (Regan) and her friend Billy Parks (Abrahams) used to suffer of terrible nightmares when they were kids.

Years and several therapy sessions later Julia doesn’t have any problems anymore and she’s studying psychology while having a steady relationship with Paul Loomis (Blucas). Suddenly Billy contacts her again and wants to meet in a pub. There he starts rambling about that “they” are back and that she has to be careful. Minutes later he shoots himself in front of her. Julia doesn’t understand what happened but little later she starts having nightmares again aswell as seeing and hearing strange things in the dark. Nobody seems to believe her except for two other friends of Billy, Sam Burnside (Embry) en Terry Alba (Dominczyk), who apparantly are experiencing the same strange phenomena and have suffered of the same type of nightmares when they were children. It quickly becomes clear that “they” are all but friendly and when Terry disappears, Sam notices that all people that have been experiencing these things have some kind of marker which seems to be used by “they” to located their victims. When Sam disappears as well, Julia finds herself all alone but she isn’t planning to get captured without a fight.

Sound and Vision:
Although “They” is a very dark movie, the color use is very good with different palettes for different scenes while the dvd doesn’t have any problems with the changes. The shadow detail and contrast are fine while the amount of detail is very good. Edge enhancement is absent but we did spot some minor compression errors and some grain.

The soundtrack is pretty good with enough power to add to the tention when necessary while the dialogues are very clear and understandable. Surround channels are used optimal to add to the atmosphere while the subwoofer gives that extra piece of low.

There’s an alternative ending (not listed on the cover) as well as some promo trailers from RCV: Final Destination 2, Gangs Of New York and Halloween: Resurrection.

Wes Craven has given his name to “They” but had hardly anything to do with the picture except for the fact that his name is on the cover. The movie starts off really nice with some interesting idea’s but sadly enough it quite rapidly returns to becoming a rather standard horror flic without any depth. The actors do their best but never manage to get above average level and that’s what can be said about the whole movie. The technical aspects of the dvd are pretty good but the fact that there’s no decent extra’s hardly make it possible to recommend “They” for adding to your collection. If you want to check out a scary movie and are interested in this one, I suggest you rent it.

Our Score:

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