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If you ever wanted to participate in a TV show, this is your chance. “Whacked!” is game show where you compete against other contestants for the grand prize. The TV show concept is only there to glue all the levels together cause there isn’t much game show about this game, but more about this later.

Van Tastic, your host, wants to have high viewer ratings, the best way to do this is violence in his opinion, so the idea of all this is to win every level from the other contestants by beating the crap out of them.
All this is viewed in third person where you walk around, pick up weapons and try to blow up as many rivals as you can.

You have 4 different stages in single player mode, every stage consisting of 9 levels where you battle on small maps against the rest. You choose one of the four available characters (the other 4 are unlocked after every successful completion of a stage) and begin your race to the grand prize. Every character has some unique cinematics, but I can’t imagine finishing the whole game 8 different times.

The controls are very easy, you only have an attack and a jump button next to two strafing buttons on the back of your controller.
Basically there is not much more going on than jumping and hitting others. You can however jump and then press the punch button to fall down on your opponent and flatten him, meanwhile stealing his weapon… let’s face it, not very groundbreaking.

The different modes used in the levels are:
•King of the hill where you need to be the first to stand 2 minutes on randomly located green surfaces in the level. These locations are often quite small so it’s basically a cry for receiving a missile on your face.
•Fragfest is getting as much kills as possible before the timelimit is hit.
•Combat mode is collecting a specific amount of stars before the others do, which is very lame and very annoying after a few times. When you get hit in this mode you’ll lose stars that you collected but they will be in your colour, so you can’t pick them up again (after a while they become the normal silver stars)
•Dodgeball: throwing a ball at the others so they lose health, the last one alive is the winner
•Keeping the trophy for 1 minute is the goal in Grab ‘n’ run
•Chicken mode: Killing a certain amount of chickens for stars is somewhat different than the others since you are the only player on the map. It’s quite amusing… the first two times

You need to be first in every level though, you can’t move on to the next level until you’ve actually won, and this must be the first TV game show where I see this happen. I can’t imagine they’d actually say “OK, you’ve won, but we’ll have to redo this cause our contester BosjeR did not win this time.”
It’s just a game of course, but still.

After every level you get to see some commercials and receive a new weapon, and there are lots of those… some are cool, others are lame. My favourite is the good old base ball bat, reminds me of my vicious attacks in Worms to give the fish something to eat. Yep, I really love that base ball bat, seeing those contestants flying sky high.
Other weapons are missiles, a cactus, freezing gun, exploding rubber duckies, a very fat missile (instant kill, which is always cool), and many more.
Some of the commercials you see after each level are very amusing, others on the other hand are really stupid.

Picking up question marks, exclamation marks and “red buttons” gives you a power up. My favourites are Play ball, giving everyone a base ball bat to get the party started and Swap which swaps your character with that of an opponent, where you got 10 seconds to make him die a horrible death with a lot of stars dropping as your reward.

All in all I did not have that much fun with this game, it’s a game you do not play a lot cause it gets really boring really fast. It wasn’t even fun in multiplayer which is basically the whole point of such a game and that was pretty disappointing. It will probably be a nice game for young gamers though, with the colourful settings, funny characters and the simplicity of it all.

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