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What a girl wants

Daphne (Amanda Bynes) has been living with her mother in New York for all her life but the only wish she has always had on her birthday is to have a dance with her father, Sir Henry Dashwood (Colin Firth). When she becomes 17, she decides to leave the house and meet up with her dad who doesn’t know she exists. She arrives in the middle of his election campaign, but although his fiancé and her daughter make it very clear they’re not at all in favor of having Daphne stay, Henry wants to get to know her. And so, she starts to get to know the life or rich English aristocracy, but soon realises she doesn’t know anything about etiquette which is very important in the surroundings of Sir Henry. Daphne will have to change her attitude and become a true English lady, something that goes completely against her own character…

Sound and Vision:
Bright colors, sharp image, solid level of black, good contrast, lots of image depth, etc etc… Edge enhancement and compression errors are absent and filmgrain aswell as moiré are only minor present.

The Dolby Digital track is warm and dynamic but since this comedy isn’t all about special effects, the emphasis is clearly towards the front speakers while the rear ones are subtle used for supporting music.

We start off with an audio commentary track by Amanda Bynes who has fun telling you what is happening on the screen (like we wouldn’t see it). If you like commentary track, you’ll be pleased to know that director Dennie Gordon and script writers Jenny Bicks and Elizabeth Chandler also have one. Fashon And Etiquette 101 is a featurette where the fashion designer talks about the costumes and clothing used for the movie and furthermore we can also see how the real etiquette is done in the UK followed by a short blooper at the end. What’s A Girl To Wear: get 3 different outfits that are worn by Daphne in the movie and you get to see a short promo feature with interviews of Daphne, Colin Firth and Oliver James. We end with Additional Scènes, Cast & Crew overview and Theatrical Trailer

What a girl wants is a predictable but still entertaining movie which is perfect for kids and teenagers. Technically everything is ok (although not reference material) and the extra’s are reasonable. Definitely worth renting on a rainy afternoon

Our Score:

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