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What a Wedding, The In-Laws

Steve Tobias (Michael Douglas) is a CIA agent who has to work all over the world and although his son is getting married on Sunday, he’s just made an appointment that he’ll deliver some stuff. In fact, he should already be at a first meeting dinner with the bride and her parents but he manages to get some excuses for his being late as for the outside world he sells copymachines. At least, that’s what he hopes.

Jerry (Albert Brooks), the father of the bride is outrageous as the long waiting has made him burn his food and has to take the family out to dinner. Steve suggest a restaurant where his contact is but what he doesn’t know is that the FBI is watching him and now thinks Jerry works together with Steve. The next day, Steve wants to apologise to Jerry and goes to the school where he teaches. While being there, he slips something in Jerry’s coat and when the FBI little later picks Jerry up it appears he’s got a tube with nuclear waste from a Russian submarine in his jacket. Steve frees Jerry from the FBI and kidnaps him to Paris where he’ll meet with a possible buyer. Will they ever manage to get back home in time for the wedding?

Sound and Vision:
The constant grain manages to deteriorate the sharpness of the image which isn’t good. Also the contrast is a bit too high so colors and level of black are a bit off aswell. Disappointing

The soundtrack is warm and dynamic with subtle use of the rear channels for extra ambiance. We get a lot of split-surround effects that are nicely accompanied but some good bass from the subwoofer. Dialogues are clear but overall the sound does tend to be a bit over the top.

Before getting to the menu you’re forced to check out some preview trailers which is irritating but getting common these days. The rest of the extra’s is nothing more than these same trailers :
– A Man Apart,
– Ripley’s Game
– Kill Bill

A pretty standard action comedy. Something for a Saturday night with the girlfriend, nothing to buy though

Our Score:

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