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When A Stranger Calls

Jill Johnson is grounded thanks to a huge phone bill and can’t attend the bonfire party where all her friends will be. In order to not sit home alone, she agrees to babysit the kids of the Mandrakis family who live in a remote luxury villa. The kids are already asleep, the doors are shut and the alarm is on. Jill is wandering around the huge house a bit when suddenly the phone rings. When she picks up, nobody on the other side answers. She hangs up and doesn’t think much about it until the phone starts ringing again. A night of terror has started…

Sound and Vision:
When a Stranger Calls has very good quality without compression errors, good contrast and detail as well as overall sharp image.

The soundtrack nicely adds to the atmosphere with good use of all channels and both music and effects to create a creepy feeling. Good stuff!

– Audio commentary by director Simon West, Camilla Belle and writer Jake Wade Wall
– Deleted Scenes
– Making of “When A Stranger Calls”: a rather promotional Making Of that does contain some interesting information on the choice of location and the overall idea behind the movie

When a Stranger Calls isn’t a very original movie but it does manage to take known ingredients and create a scary atmosphere. Without too many special effects and gore, we get a very decent thriller that does exactly what it promises. A simple story, no strange plot twists, no gore and hardly any special effects while still being able to keep the viewer clustered to the screen. You’ve got to give it to the director: it isn’t an easy job and “When a Stranger Calls” succeeds perfectly. All in all a good thriller that’s perfectly fit for a Saturday night at home.

Sony delivers a decent package with good image and sound quality and a couple of – although rather promotional – interesting extras.

Our Score:

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