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Where Eagles Dare

Major Jonathan Smith (Richard Burton) and his team get the assignment to liberate general George Carnaby (William Squire) from the heavilty guarded Schloss Adler. Dressed as German soldiers, they’ll infiltrate the Schloss, but it soon becomes clear that there’s a traitor amongst them who geopardises the whole mission…

Sound and Vision:
There’s constantly some grain present and the amount of damage on the film also shows that this movie is quite dated. Still, colors are bright, image is sharp and compression errors are absent so overall the image quality is pretty decent, taking into account that Where Eagles Dare is made 40 years ago.

While originally this movie has a mono track, Warner transferred it to Dolby Digital 5.1. There are some minor effects but most of the emphasis lays still on the front speakers while surround supports the track with music. The subwoofer gets used when necessary and dialogues are well understandable.

“On Location: Where Eagles Dare” is a featurette which is made at the time of the movie and gives quite some info on the whole production. For the rest we get the original movie trailer which is of the same abominable quality as the feature.

Almost 40 years after its creation, Where Eagles Dare still stands out as one of the best war movies ever made. Although it’s been shown on TV a lot of times, I still find that people should have this in their DVD collection as it’s a classic by all means. Warner has done a good job with the transfer although cleaning up the movie could have been done a bit better

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