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White Noise 2: The Light 2-disc SE

Abe Dale goes out to eat with his wife and son in a local diner when suddenly they get ill. Nothing to worry about for long, though, as at that moment a man shoots both of them and tells Abe he’s sorry before shooting himself in the head. Abe remains alone and completely devastated. So torn by grief that he finally tries to commit suicide. (un)Fortunately his best friend and business partner comes to the rescue and although Abe was clinically dead for some time, he gets saved and brought back to life. However, once back with the living, Abe continues to see weird phenomena, white lights surrounding people and it doesn’t take long to realise that those who have such light beaming from them are about to die.

Abe believes it’s his destiny to save these people and thus do good, but what he doesn’t know is that with saving people comes great responsability…

Sound and Vision:
The movie has excellent image quality without annoying compression errors, grain or print damage. Nothing bad to say about it at all and that also goes for the sound that comes with a decent DTS track that does its job nicely.

The usual crap from Dutch Filmworks with some behind the scenes footage, interview fragments, liner notes and a photo gallery. 2-disc edition indeed, but far from “special”. Except for the goodlooking steelbook case that is

If you’re looking for a pretty standard horror thriller and don’t expect too much, you may enjoy White Noise 2. Is there anything else to say? Not really. The movie is well-made with a few good moments but nothing that really stands out of the crowd or makes it special in any way.

Buying the dvd is nice for your collection but unless you’ve got money to spare, you might want to rent this one first. After all, it’s not like you’ll want to watch the “fantastic” extras over and over again. One interesting fact: the cast includes Nathan Fillion (known from FireFly & Serenity), Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar: Galactica) and Teryl Rothery (Stargate SG-1) so sci-fi fans that kick on actors can have a blast with this one 🙂

Our Score:

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