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White Oleander

12-year old Astrid Magnussen has had a rather undisturbed life up to now together with her mother Ingrid. One day, Ingrid takes Astrid along to visit her friend Barry but there Astrid is left in the car as Ingrid enters the house. Little later, Ingrid returns and she’s quite upset it seems. Later that night, the police comes to arrest Ingrid for the murder on Barry and she gets sentenced to life in prison. From that moment on Astrid is sent from one foster home to another, meanwhile keeping in touch with her mother through letters and an occasional visit.

Sound and Vision:
There’s some minor edge enhancement and grain present but for the rest there’s nothing to complain about. The movie is stylistically altered to add to the atmosphere and the image is overall sharp and detailed while also the contrast and depth of black are ok.

We get a very nice 5.1 soundtrack that uses the surround speakers very well for environment sounds while the dialogues are crystal clear. The subwoofer also gets used a lot but at times a bit too much.

– Interviews: ten interview fragments with the main cast and crew
– B-Roll

White Oleander is a decent drama about a young girl that gets sent from one foster home to the next while her mother, who’s in jail, manages to keep controlling her. Alison Lohman, Renee Zellweger and Michelle Pfeiffer do an excellent job and really make this movie interesting. Paradiso has re-released this dvd with a new cover but nothing additional. The interview fragments give some nice background info and also the image and sound are pretty decent.

Our Score:

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