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Whole Ten Yards, The

After “The Whole Nine Yards”, we return to Nicolas “Oz” Oseransky (Perry) who now is married with Cynthia, the ex-wife of retired hitman Jimmy “The Tulip” Tudesko. Oz is still as neurotic as ever and has installed plenty of surveillance material in his house along with the necessary guns in case any mobsters would try to do something foolish. His life recently has become great. His career as a dentist is florishing and Cynthia has become pregnant of a child. Meanwhile, Jimmy is living together with his new wife Jill who wants to become a hitman but somehow never seems capable of actually killing someone. Being retired and living under cover, Jimmy has become a true houseman and does nothing but cook and clean the house, something that drives Jill insane. Next to that, he would love to become a father as he believes he would be a perfect dad, but then you first have to be able to make a child and lately that has become a problem for Jimmy.

When Lazlo Gozolak (Pollak), the father of Yanni who was killed by Jimmy, gets released from prison, he immediately wants to get revenge for the death of his son. He sends his goons after Oz as he doesn’t believe Jimmy is dead but as Oz manages to escape, his men capture Cynthia. Oz, completely gone berserk, heads to Jimmy to ask for help but Jimmy is more interested in cooking a chicken than really helping out. When Lazlo’s men show up – they followed Oz – Jimmy is all but happy with the way things are turning out but he’s forced to flee together with Oz and Jill. The three will now have to find a way to get Lazlo off their back and in the meantime save Cynthia.

Sound and Vision:
Although the movie overall looks pretty decent, there are some minor compression errors present due to the low bitrate that’s used. Also certain scenes look a bit soft but on the other hand the contrast and shadow detail are good while the colors are bright and shiny along with a good level of black. Why the bitrate used is so low beats me as there’s plenty of room still available on the disc.

We checked out the DTS track that is present on this disc and it sounds pretty good with dynamic sound, clear dialogues, subtle ambiance, aggressive surround effects in split-surround and a good portion of bass from the subwoofer. Good stuff.

– Preview Trailers of Laws Of Attraction, Stille Nacht and Raise Your Voice
– Filmclips: short clips from the movie in bad image quality
– Sound-Bites: short interview fragments with the main cast&crew who give answers to offscreen questions on the characters.
– B-Roll: behind the screens footage with bad sound quality and no subtitling. Really not interesting
– Official Trailer

The Whole Nine Yards was a pretty original and funny comedy with decent acting from the cast which in fact contained quite some big names. With “The Whole Ten Yards”, most of the original cast returns to bring us a sequel that should continue the fun we had while watching the first movie. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The jokes are boring as hell, Matthew Perry looks like he’s making a caricature of his Friends-character “Chandler Bing”, while Bruce Willis has never acted on autopilot this much. While The Whole Nine Yards was funny with some original jokes and a good plot, the sequel seems to thrive on over-acting and the lack of storyline.

Dutch Filmworks has done a decent job with the sound quality but why the bitrate for the movie is so low is a mystery. The extras aren’t really interesting.

Our Score:

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