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Wicker Man SE, The

After seeing an accident happen before his eyes without being able to help, biker cop Edward Malus is recuperating at home when he receives a letter from his former fiancé. She tells him that her daughter, Rowan, has gone missing in Summersisle, the island where she was born and where she returned after her breaking up with him, and that the other people there are all but helpful in trying to get her back. Since he is the only one she can trust, she asks him to get to Summersisle and help her get her daughter back. Edward feels he the need to help and immediately sets off to Summersisle where he finds a community of people who seem to still live in the dark ages. When he realises that they are pagans who still perform ancient rituals, he starts to believe Rowan will be set up to be sacrificed in order to please “the gods” and when he finds out that Rowan is actually his own daughter, he’s driven even more to liberate her and to what’s necessary bring her to safety

Sound and Vision:
The Wicker Man has some problems with compression errors and edge enhancement. Other than that there’s little to complain about when it comes to image quality.

The sound is decent with dialogues nicely being positioned at the front center while the surround speakers are used for music and subtle effects. The subwoofer nicely supports the whole without getting all too aggressive.

– Director’s Cut: another version of the movie with improved image quality
– Film Clips
– Photo Gallery
– Liner Notes
– Trailers

The Wicker Man has Nicolas Cage again playing a man who’s torn apart by feelings of guilt which seems to become a rather standard feature with Cage. Personally I think it’s about time he gets his act together and starts learning some new tricks as we’ve seen his standard stuff quite a lot already. The storyline is quite simple and the plot twists predictable which makes The Wicker Man loose most of its appeal. If you’re looking for an average thriller, and there’s nothing else you haven’t seen yet, you may find it mildly entertaining but nothing more. This movie is a remake of Anthony Shaffer’s The Wicker Man from 1973 which gets high appreciation on imdb, but this version is clearly handicapped by a bad script and very mediocre acting.

Dutch Filmworks has released The Wicker Man in a nice 2-disc steelbox with the Director’s Cut version as the main extra while the rest of the extras are hardly worth checking out.

Our Score:

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