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Wii Fit Plus

It seems like only a year ago Nintendo released Wii Fit and launched the fitness gaming genre. Oh wait, they did! Now the Japanese game-maker is jumping on their own Plus-train by releasing a revised game, or an update if you like.

If you want the short version of this review, Wii Fit Plus is roughly the same game but with a vast amount of improvements and much needed tweaks. Actually, it has become the game the non-Plus version should have been from the get go.

The long version of the review is actually not that much longer. On the workout part you have three new yoga and three new muscle exercises. That doesn’t really look like much but in my eyes they really finish the series by focusing on the more advanced users. Also quite nice is the fact that all the exercises, new ones included, are accessible from the beginning. Great, because I’m not really a patient man, certainly when doing a downward facing dog.

Next to that, you can now easily string all those exercises into a nice custom workout which is something that was obviously missing from the first game. If you don’t want to invest too much time into you physical wellbeing, Wii Fit Plus also comes with a series of preset routing or groups as they are called in the game. But it’s not all perfect yet because you can’t just put in anything you want. There’s no boxing, running or hula-hooping. Hey, they surely must leave something for Wii Fit Plus XL 2010, right?

The last novelty in the workout department is in the health plan tracking. While the whole system is still based upon the Body Mass Index (BMI) system, which isn’t really a great system if you ask any sports freak like me, there is addition with the calories meter or METS. It also features a food advisory function that tells you how much work you need to do to burn off that cookie you just had. Pretty neat but also pretty depressing. The last bit of info on this part is the fact that you automatically import your Wii Fit saves, if you had any.

Now on to the best part of the ‘new’ game. There are 12 new balance games and three oldies got revamped. About all of these balance games are really fun, I got quite attached to tossing and dodging snowballs or simulating a Segway. You can even work on your golf handicap if you’d like. Too bad you can’t play all of them in multiplayer.

Again, Nintendo has left open room for improvement because there are some frustration factors. Most of these frustrations come from the balance board and the fact that it seems to ‘forget’ to register your moves, certainly when it comes to subtle ones like bending your knees fast or shaking your hips. There seems to be zero room for interpretation and the board appears to be suffering from some input lag. And if the balance board isn’t messing with the fun then it might be the fact that you look like someone who overdosed on some serious hallucinogenic.

I’ve already mentioned the multiplayer being limited but there is some improvement there too. While last year’s edition had you restarting the game for each player, you now can add multiple players taking turns allowing for more competition and fun with some friends over. A real shame about the limited selection of games to play though.

While the original Wii Fit put the fitness genre on the gaming map entirely on its own, the revamped edition simply makes for a better game. While it looks almost identically, it is at the same time more balanced, polished en entertaining. If you don’t own the original or play that version a lot, then this is worth a buy. If you have the original but can’t stay interested in it, then I can’t guarantee you will in this version

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