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Wind Chill

Emily Blunt plays a college student who needs to get home in Delaware before Christmas. Normally she would fly, but this time that isn’t possible so she decides to share a ride with someone else. It doesn’t take her long to find a ride and off she is together with a boy who apparently shares some classes with her.

After a while, it becomes apparent that the guy knows pretty much about her and she starts to feel a bit creeped out. When he then takes a “shortcut”, instead of following the highway, and they get stranded in the snow after being driven off the road by another car, things look like they couldn’t get much worse. But of course they can…

Sound and Vision:
There aren’t any compression errors that we spotted for once, but this time there’s something else to complain about when it comes to image quality: the movie is so dark that it’s often hard to see what’s going on. For the rest we can say that there’s a lot of black, white and blue which perfectly fit the “cold” setting.

The sound is quite good with decent use of the surround speakers for the special effects while also the subwoofer gets its piece of the action. Just as we like it!

Audio commentary track by de makers, a Making Of and some trailers is all you get. The usual stuff we find on dvd’s these days, nothing special.

The subtitle of this movie is “There are worse things than dying”. Of course there are, and there are worse things than watching this film as well. Doesn’t mean this is so great though.

The movie has several plot twists and takes classic horror elements to mix everything together in a tension-filled film that will keep the viewer on edge. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really happen. The first half hour or so is plain boring and tries to bring suspense where there is none and when things really should start cooking, the water is thrown away by the simplicity of the main plot. The last scenes then: here we get a short rerun of everything that happened before and as you may figure, this doesn’t excite either.

Movies on low budget can be terrific but Wind Chill clearly isn’t. If you’re looking for an average “horror” (better rephrase to “paranormal”) film you may enjoy this, but best to keep your expectations a little low as otherwise you’ll only be disappointed.

Our Score:

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