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Wire Season 1, The

James ‘Jimmy’ McNulty (West) is a detective at the homicide department in Baltimore and he knows quite a lot of people. When he visits the murder trial of D’Angelo Barksdale, he finds that the witnesses suddenly withdraw their previous statements and Barksdale can walk, much to the displeasure of the judge who afterwards calls McNulty in his office and wants to know what happened. Jimmy tells the judge that Barksdale is the nephew of Avon Barksdale, the man who runs most of the drug traffic in Baltimore. Seeing that nobody in the police department has apparantly ever heard of Avond Barksdale, the judge is even more displeased and orders that an investigation is done.

Several departments of the Baltimore police get these orders and a mutual team is set up specifically for this investigation. However, it quickly becomes clear that this is only done to please the judge and that nobody actually wants to go after Barksdale himself, but that the high command of the police only wants to have some quick busts so that they can go on with their regular job. But that’s without counting Jimmy McNulty who wants to use this case to profile himself…

Sound and Vision:
The image is decent without being extraordinary. One can say the same about the soundtrack. It didn’t really stand out.

Sadly, the only extras we get are a couple of audio commentary tracks with certain episodes. Some more surely wouldn’t have hurt…

The Wire has been awarded with several Emmy Awards and again shows that HBO is great at making TV-series.

While the investigation itself is interesting to follow, what makes The Wire stand out is the fact that you get to see both sides of the story: the cops who are investigating on one side, and the dealers on the other. Also the corruption and political games that play are part of what makes this a fantastic series. The acting is very good although the cast isn’t so well-known, but it’s clear that some of the actors may have a bright future ahead of them.

Warner has released The Wire in some kind of budget form as otherwise I wouldn’t know why there weren’t any decent extras present. This isn’t as we’re used from Warner. On the technical side, things are pretty much ok.

Our Score:

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