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Wire Season 2, The

We return to the team of Lieutenant Daniels and Jimmy McNulty after they’ve finished the Barksdale case in season one of The Wire. Well, “team” may be a bit much as everyone has been separated and sent to about the worst places they could imagine in the police department. This means that Daniels is sent to the archives while McNulty can spend his days on a boat of the water patrol.

Still, this situation won’t last for long. Commissioner Valchek has collected a bunch of money for his local church to donate a new glass in lead window but finds out that the local dockworkers union already provided this. Furious he tries to negotiate with Frank Sabotka, the union’s leader, to get them to put their window somewhere else in the church, but when Frank says no, Valchek wants to make Frank’s life miserable. The union, which has only a couple of hundred members left, has quite a lot of money for such a small faction and Valchek sees this as a perfect opportunity to get an investigation into their finances going. After all, where does all their money come from? Valchek gets Daniels to put together his old team back and the investigation can start…

Sound and Vision:
There’s nothing special to say about the image & sound quality of this dvd series. The image is quite good for a TV show and it’s quite extraordinary that we get a 5.1 track but the show doesn’t really lend itself for major special effects so a 2.1 track wouldn’t have made a lot of difference

Except for a rather lame audio commentary track there’s nothing

When the first season of The Wire was released on DVD we were very positive about it and if possible, the second season is even better! Beware though, it’s slow and with that I mean the pace is ex-tre-me-ly slow. It isn’t before half of the season that things really start rolling but in exchange you get a magnificent depth of the characters and the storyline gets so deep that you wonder why not all cop series can be like this. Great stuff!

Warner has done a good job again on the image and sound department but as usual, the extras department got left out. Too bad.

Our Score:

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