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Wire Season 3, The

We’re back in Baltimore where the Barksdales are running the show while the police are doing all they can to get them behind bars. Drug gangs are fighting amongst themselves and bodies are piling up on the streets. This makes the police focus solely on the killers and larger investigations are getting cut off in favor of quick result. McNulty and his team are doing the best they can, but with the gangs becoming smarter and acting more secure, things aren’t getting any easier…

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound are equal to the previous seasons which means we get decent image quality for a tv show (but no widescreen) and a 5.1 soundtrack that is mostly used for the supporting music score as there are little special effects that are used.

– Several audio commentary tracks
– Museum of TV and Radio discussion with David Simon on the Eugene Lang College

The third season of The Wire continues in the style we’ve come to know from the previous ones. This means a very slowly going storyline with tons of depth and characters.

While season two had the Barksdale gang as a side-note (with emphasis going mostly towards the problems with the harbour union), season three goes back to the drug traffic in full force. This time, we even get a hint of a political statement with a district commander “legalising” drugs in order to get his district back under control and liveable for the inhabitants. Quite an achievement from HBO that they dare to broadcast a series that opens the discussion for the legalisation of drugs in a country that has officially announced a “war on drugs”.

The acting is – as always – terrific and also the storyline again nicely continues with plenty of interesting development of the characters on all sides. The Wire is without one of the better television series out there although I have to keep saying that if you want to start checking out this series, you’d do best to start from the beginning if you want to have a clue about what’s going on.

Those that haven’t seen The Wire yet, start from season one, all those that are up to pace with his series will love this third season 🙂

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