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Wire Season 4, The

With the fall of the Barksdale’s in season three, West Baltimore has become an open zone for Marlo Stansfield and his gang who manage to keep control of everything without bodies piling up it seems. Of course the Violent Crimes Unit continues their work, but when the elections are coming up and they follow the money trail to some people who finance the current mayor of the city, they’re quickly shut down. A new supervising lieutenant arrives and every hint at decent police work is quickly shot down. Instead the VCU gets limited to making small-time arrests of street dealers.

The main people behind the unit, like Lester Freamon and Kima Greggs decide to move somewhere else and find a home at the homicide squad where they quickly find out that politics is everything. And politics it is! With Carcetti going after the mayor’s chair, a new wind blows through the police department and a lot of changes are happening.

Sound and Vision:
While previous seasons had reasonably decent image quality, this one really suffers from over-use of edge enhancement. In certain scenes it looks even like the characters have some sort of holy glow around them. Really annoying at times, I can tell you!

For the rest there’s little to complain. Compression errors are down to a minimum and the sound does a very decent job with clear and understandable dialogues while the surround speakers are used for some environment sounds and supporting music.

– It’s All Connected
– The Game is Real
– Six audio commentary tracks

A couple of nice features and a buttload of audio commentary tracks that will keep the fans busy for a while

With the Barskdales-storyline being completely finished now, a whole lot of characters have disappeared and instead of just introducing new ones and carrying on, the makers of The Wire have done an unexpected but excellent move: this season introduces a bunch of new characters and instead of the usual wiretaps and everything, we get to see how the main protagonists work on investigating things to finally be able to get a case together that can be investigated. This move is very interesting as there’s no real beginning and ending and you get a ton of background info on how the criminals got where they are instead of where they’re going (jail or death of course ;p).

The Wire Season 4 is again an excellent piece of work and I for one can’t wait to see what will happen next. Up to Season 5!

Our Score:

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