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After an accident on the peer, Alexandra Amberson (Tammy Lauren) gets to value a red opal. She finds something strange and takes it to her friend Josh for further analysis. Later that evening, when Josh is doing a laser scan on the opal, it explodes and a Djinn that was captured in it gets released. Since it was Alexandra who woke up the Djinn, he will ask her to do three wishes after which the world will come to fall under the reign of the Djinn…

Sound and Vision:
Except for a few film spots (white dots) the transfer has been done very well. Although there are some scenes that look a little soft, overall the amount of detail, sharpness of the image, level of black, contrast, etc etc are very good.

The 5.1 track is warm and dynamic. Dialogues are clear and the surround channels actively participate to create a decent atmospheric soundtrack. The subwoofer nicely accompanies everything with some good old bass.


I remember watching Wishmaster at the movies and still find it a pretty good film in its genre. It may not be top of the bill, but it certainly is above average. Dutch Filmworks have done a good job with the transfer, the image quality is good and the soundtrack nicely fits in. Only too bad DFW again didn’t include any extras

Our Score:

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