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Without a Trace Season 2

Jack Malone and his team of dedicated investigators return to us in the second season of Without a Trace. This time they get all sorts of cases with missing people including a self-help guru, a university coach, a billionaire’s family and even a missing school bus. Meanwhile, Jack’s personal problems with his wife seem to be clearing up until she gets a job in another part of the country.

Sound and Vision:
As with the first season, the image quality is above average for a TV series and we really can’t complain in this department.

The soundtrack comes as a Dolby Digital 2.0 track which does the job, but these days where we get more and more often a 5.1 track, it starts to get behind. The music is again very well found and adds a lot to the overall atmosphere.

– Deleted Scenes

The second season of Without a Trace continues on the successful routine of the first series. Each episode has a specific case while the characters themselves and how they evolve are the red line throughout the series. Personally, I found the first season to be a bit better as it was “new”, but still this second series is quite enjoyable. Especially with a major cliffhanger towards the third season. Really looking forward to that already 🙂

On the image & sound part there’s little to complain, the 2.0 track does what it needs to do without anything fancy and the image quality is decent for a TV show. Again, I’d like to point out that Warner is quite greedy when it comes to extras for a TV series as only some deleted scenes are present. And that while the first season did get some interesting stuff. Quite a pitty

Our Score:

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