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Without a Trace Season 3

This is already the third season of Without a Trace and again we get to see tons of people going missing including an undercover agent, homeless people, a postal worker, a transsexual and so on. Also some characters from previous episodes come back to make a nice follow-up. In the meantime, the personal front also gets its piece of attention with Jack getting divorced and having a fierce battle with his wife for custody over their children, Vivian finding out that she’s got a very serious heart problem, and Samantha and Martin getting it off together.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is much like the previous seasons without too many compression errors and decent amount of detail. Overall the image is sharp and also the contrast is good.

Again we get a Dolby Digital 2.0 track which is too bad seeing that these days 5.1 tracks are getting more and more used for TV series. Still, dialogues are always clear and I must again state that the music accompanying the episodes is top notch.


This third season continues building on the same blocks that made the first two series such a success. One difference with the previous seasons is that the personal development of the main characters gets more attention in the way that it gets more pushed towards the front while previously this would be done in a more discrete way. We even have a full episode dedicated to Jack’s marriage problems, just to show as an example. Still, the series is still top notch with interesting storylines and very good acting and I’m already looking forward to Season 4 🙂

Our Score:

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