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Without Warning

The storyline and concept of Without Warning sound – although quite cliché – promising: an American chemical plant has been taken over by a bunch of terrorists with a French accent and a special unit needs to regain control as soon as possible to save the world.

As player you take on no less than 6 characters, going from members of the anti-terrorist squad to an unfortunate camera man. Remove the safety pin, measure the light and action!

And then everything goes wrong. For a moment you think it’s something you did. Probably you didn’t push the button hard enough or reacted too slow. It must be due to Tiger Woods 2006, you don’t need fast reflexes for that game, you’ll just have to hang in there now and then things will be alright… NOT

From the first second you’ll be cursing on the controls. I don’t know who thought up this configuration by Al Quaida can immediately abduct him, slit his throat and play soccer with his head live on Al Jazeer! No good controls available for this game? “Well”, Capcom thought, “then we’ll just add a crappy AI alongside so that the player won’t be too frustrated and can move along nicely”.

The problem, however, is that you can’t stash away bad gameplay by adding another bad element. The AI together with the sucky controls make you more frustrated than ever. You see the enemy doing all sorts of stupid things but you can’t manage to get him in your visor! You’ll need to waste a lot of bullets to get that one enemy that’s jumping up and down behind that box. A lot of frustration and anger. But then you suddenly get some minigames in front of you, which are the most fun aspect of the whole game. Defusing explosives and opening doors is really enjoyable and the fun factor is sky-high compared to the rest of this game!

Don’t let these fun parts misguide you though. Most of the time you’ll be cursing on the controls, the AI, the bad flurry graphics and the short levels. It’s so to speak enough to walk up a stairs, go through a door and push a button to start watching the “loading next level” screen.

The only advise I can give is to stay faaaaaar away from this game. It’s like Crazy Frog Racer but with guns, SWAT teams and hostages

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