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Wolf Creek

Ben, Lizzie and Kristy are heading off on a road trip but before going to their end destination they have the wonderful idea to make a quick stop at Wolf’s Creek and check out the world’s largest meteor crater. Of course that’s where their car breaks down, in the middle of nowhere, but luckily, as night falls, some friendly guys comes along and offers to repair their vehicle at his camp. The guy is a bit weird but they think nothing of it until Lizzie wakes up later that night with her hands tied up and locked in some small storage room. Seems the guy is some sadistical serial killer that likes to play games and torture his victims before finally killing them…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is perfect with plenty of detail, sharp images, good contrast and bright colors. The movement of the camera gives the movie a very high “Blair Witch Project”-feel but without the use of intentional grain this time. Very nice!

The sound at the beginning is very much focused on the front channels but once the action starts the DTS track really starts to show its potential and gives a very atmospheric and widespread image.

No extras sadly enough, would have been nice to get some more info on the story that was the basis for this movie.

Wolf Creek is created by an Australian director and as with most Australian or New-Zealand directors you either get a magnificent or a catastrophic movie. In this case it’s fortunately the first and while the beginning may seem a bit dull, about halfway through the tone starts to change and things begin to get very grimm. The film is based on real events but just how much happened in reality and what is fictional remains unclear due to the absence of extra’s but luckily this doesn’t hurt the movie. Those looking for a low budget horror flic that manages to rise above the average slasher should really try this one out.

Our Score:

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