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Wonderland Murders, The

John Holmes (Val Kilmer) is a world-renowned porn star who’s married but also has a girlfriend on the side. When the police find four dead bodies in a house on Wonderland Avenue, all tracks lead to Holmes who contacts the police and wants to tell about what exactly happened in exchange for protection.

Sound and Vision:
The image is very chaotic and contains lots of darkness but fortunately that isn’t a problem as there’s plenty of detail. The movie is rather hard to watch as the camera often tends to wiggle in a move to create action when there hardly isn’t any. Compression errors and edge enhancement are absent and overall the technical quality is good.

The soundtrack contains quite some heavy music which sometimes comes forward too explicitly compared to dialogues. All channels are well-used and overall we do get a rather dynamic track.


When looking at the cast you would expect one hell of a movie but unfortunately things are boring as hell and the script is pretty bad. The director tries to tell the story through flashbacks and different people giving their view on what happened, but you remain left with the feeling that a story which could have been told in 30 minutes has been stretched to more than three times that amount… A clear case of trying to out-style your story and definitely not worth taking a look at

Our Score:

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