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Worms 4: Mayhem

A day in the life of a worm: the early daysA little worm is bleeding on to a razor sharp hook of an amateur fisher. The kind of fisher that only goes fishing to avoid the nagging of his godforsaken ugly wife. Once the little worm is used to the unworthy pains, he sees a big fat carp swimming towards him. Once the carp is close enough, he bites the tiny worm, falling into the same trap with the hook. The fish is struggling above the water and the journey of the worm ends into the belly of a fish, while the journey of the fish ends in the belly of men.

A day in the life of a worm: the latter days
Most of the worms made a career move. Nowadays, they are responsible for heroic fights between different worms from over the world. Others are not so lucky, no good punk worms are used for the most horrible scientific experiments. They are cut in two for the sake of “scientific missions”, yet they are left behind with two bodies and a lot of money. But you can’t go buy a beer when you have a hole in your body, everybody knows that…

A day in the life of a worm: just a little bit after the latter days
The fights between different species of worms have produced tons of dead worm waste. Allied worms have battled in sequels like World Party, Armageddon and even in 3D. To be honest, the 3D adventures lead to a hangover we didn’t deserve. And not just any hangover, more like a hangover when you combine 20 pints of the finest Belgium beer with some other highly illegal but also really healthy stuff. Well, 3D just didn’t really worked out all that good.

The army of worms just couldn’t let this happen off course. They were eagerly working on another and hopefully better adventure with fighting bait. Fiercely, the worms gave me their copy of their vision on war. I wasn’t quite impressed, yet their enthusiasm did charm me. I turned on my PS2, which was dusty, because of my absence, and the fun could begin, hopefully.

…………………………………………. A long loading screen…….. ..…………………………….
Those bloody worms didn’t even considered nice loading screens. That’s a pity, because you’re going to see them a lot. Luckily, only before a fight: nevertheless, they are way too long. Another thing that got my attention was the fact that all these worms didn’t actually took care of the innovation. What to expect from worms that always got their success with the same formula. You still have to knock other worms in the head with bats, explode them with flying sheep or throw a bomb on them with holy power straight from the pope.

The arenas in which you fight are breakable like the old days, though you don’t have to expect anything spectacular. For example, a bomb on a rock has the same effect as a bomb on a horse: it just takes a chunk from the object. That’s obviously “hilarious” in 2D, yet it just looks clumsy (you know: flying objects that shouldn’t be flying, like a flying horse head). Those stupid worms are all very lucky that I’m as clumsy as an acrobat without legs.

Now, let’s talk about the concept comedy. Comedy is funny, if it’s transferred funny off course. I could well laugh with anything, even with old people letting a fart, if it’s funny. Worms 4 has a few good moments but fails to much for a game that is supposed to be funny. I mean, what’s so funny about ‘That’s just crate’ when a crate comes falling out of the sky. Most of the humour is of this unbelievable high level. True, the voices made me smile from time to time, but let’s face it… the voices were also funny 7 years ago.

To make things worse, the camera sometimes has a life of his own. Mostly in crowded areas and in buildings, it’s just impossible to jump correctly. And what do you know: Worms 4 has a lot of jumping sessions because of the removable platforms you can use. Mainly in the story mode it’s just running and jumping for getting tools, exploding boxes and killing other worms. The story isn’t worthy of a story, but that doesn’t mean shit in a game like Worms.

To be perfectly honest, Worms 4: Mayhem is just a mediocre game. It only excels in mediocrity. Not all that bad, but I just can’t seem to find a good reason to buy this game. And what’s the meaning of commercial games, or any commercial business? Right!

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