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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Dale Murphy is a former soldier who now present the brand new reality survival show “The Ultimate Survivalist” in which six contestants are dropped in the woods and have to complete several tasks to win a large cash prize. Unfortunately, the woods are inhabited by mutated freaks that have turned cannibal due to the fact that the poisoned water has killed just about every life in the forest. Luckily Dale knows how to survive! Or does he?

Sound and Vision:
There’s some minor aliasing and grain present but you really have to look for it so it doesn’t really both. Obnoxious compression errors are absent and overall the image is sharp.

The sound nicely fits the movie and the surround speakers and subwoofer do their job nicely.

The extras contain interviews with cast & crew and also some info on the special effects. Overall this is quite enjoyable to watch but the parts where the cast start raving about just how great director Joe Lynch is could have easily been left out if you ask me. Comparing first-time director Lynch with people like Peter Jackson (Braindead) and Sam Raimi (Evil Dead) is a bit too much credit for the guy.

Idiots meet Hillbillies. Good thing Henry Rollins is there to save the day!

In short, that’s what the movie is about and don’t look for anything else. The acting is bad, the storyline stupid, and the only thing that brings anything to the movie are the special effects. And although the director luckily didn’t make the movie all too serious, it isn’t funny enough to stand next to movies like Evil Dead or Braindead. All in all a typical slasher that doesn’t take itself too seriously but doesn’t manage to rise above the average.

Our Score:

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