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X-Files: Providence

While currently, fans can buy the X-Files series compilations up to season five (reviews coming soon), the X-Files season itself in the US is coming to number nine. To give you a quick peak at this season, X-Files: Providence is released which is situaded somewhere half that season.

A guy on a motorcycle tries to illegally cross the US/Canadian border but gets caught by the border police. When he tries to run away, he gets in an accident and his bike explodes. His burnt body, however, cannot be found anywhere and on the place of the accident, rubbings of alien text are found and this brings us instantly back to the episodes of Biogenesis/The Sixth Extinction/Amor Fati where similar text was found on a stranded alien space ship. The biker appears to be FBI agent Robert Comer who was working under cover inside a UFO sect which has found another alien ship and believes Scully’s son will lead the race of aliens that will invade earth.

Comer survived his accident because he has a fragment of the ship with him and tries to kill Scully’s son. After his attempt fails, the sect sends someone to Scully’s house and kidnaps her son. Now, Scully will have to rescue her son William while her FBI agents seem to already have given up hope on getting him back alive.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is adequate and finally you get the X-Files in widescreen version. The occasional grain and lack of sharpness prevent this DVD from having perfect image quality. Also the subtitles aren’t always correct. Sound is good with Dolby Digital 5.1 but sometimes lacks that extra “punch”.

Not too many extras here. First we get a short featurette about Providence but it’s little more than a promotion movie. Next to that there’s a profile on the character of Brad Follmer.

Personally I’ve always been a great fan of The X-Files, but Providence couldn’t really appeal to me. Although the storyline itself is good, the over-use of sentimentality and the constant hints at God make me believe that Chris Carter has seen the light and wants to thank God for his success. No problem for me, but please do it in private and don’t bother us with it. Only for the biggest fans

Our Score:

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