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X-Files: The Truth

After 1 year of abscence Fox Mulder returns in the top secret government location of Mount Weather where he looks for some information. Unfortunately he gets caught and after a short chase where he throws Knowle Rohrer, the invisible soldier aka the Alien Bounty Hunter, onto a bunch of electricity cables (completely frying him), the military throw him in prison.

A couple of days later, Skinner and Scully hear that Mulder is in a military jail, being charged for murder. They immediately visit him and find out that he’s been brainwashed, ready to say whatever his interrogators want him to say. Scully and Skinner request Kersh to give Mulder a fair trial and so it will be.

At the mixed FBI/Military trial, Mulder will be defended by Skinner and several characters that have appeared throughout the seasons will testify to proove Mulder’s conspiracy theories. All for nothing though as the verdict was set already: death by lethal injection. Skinner doesn’t want to leave it with that and together with Agent Doggett, Reyes and Scully they go rescue Mulder, suddenly getting help from an unexpected allie. When they escape, they get the advice to go to Canada where they would be safe. Mulder, however, drives to New Mexico to find the “Keeper of the Truth” who gave him the information on Mount Weath, to find the ultimate truth.

Sound and Vision:
The image is like Providence presented in widescreen format. Details and contrast are good with nice depth in the many dark scenes, and only some minor grain and compression artefacts can be seen, mostly due to the high compression rate.

The Truth is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 which works very well. Unfortunately, the end scene explosions could have gotten some better use of the subwoofer as they now sound more like firecrackers than real explosions. The bonus episode “William” is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 which is understandable as it’s still only 1 DVD for all episodes (The Truth is actually 2 episodes) and is good enough for this extra.

As said before, we get a bonus episode called “William” on this disk. This episode gives some more information on how and why Scully gave up her baby for adoption and I would suggest to view this one before “The Truth” itself as the final episode of The X-Files constantly gives information about previous actions, including those in “William”. Next to that we get a +/- 14 minute featurette where cast&crew tell about the time they spent making the series and how sad they are that it has finally come to an end.

The Truth is what we’ve all been waiting for. We finally get some answers on what has happened over the last 9 years and although this double-episode is the end of the series, there’s still a small opening for another spin-off or movie. Throughout the episode we get to see almost all main characters that have appeared in earlier episodes (even those that have died through hallucinations) and this gives an extra itch to The Truth although some people might find it stupid.

All in all, The Truth is a nice ending for a great series that may have lasted a couple of seasons too long. I’m not going to say the episode is one of the best we’ve ever seen (far from) but the lack of inspiration from the writers is less obvious here than it has been in several of the previous episodes from the last seasons.

Our Score:

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