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X-Men 2 (SE)

Logan aka Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) has gone on a quest to learn more about his past, but having found nothing, he returns to Professor Xavier’s school for gifted children. Once arrived, he finds Jean Grey and Storm who are about to go looking for a mutant who has done an attempt to kill the president of the United States. Xavier, who is convinced Magneto has something to do with the attack, has already left to talk to his old friend who is confined in a plastic prison where he should be unable to do harm to anyone. Little after the X-Men have left, a squad of highly trained soldiers attack the school and although Wolverine is still there to protect them, he cannot help some children from getting kidnapped. Together with a couple of others including Rogue, Wolverine escapes and heads off to find the rest of the X-Men and inform them of what happened.

Meanwhile, Xavier and Cyclops have arrived in prison where they get taken hostage by Stryker, a military scientist who’s got a grudge against all mutants including his son and wants to kill all of them. It appears that not Magneto, but this Stryker is behind the attempt to kill the president and that his goal was to capture Xavier and the machine called Cerebro which would make it possible for him to kill all the mutants in the world in one blow. The X-Men and Magneto now have to work together to stop this disaster from happening, but it remains the question how honest Magneto is. Does he just want to help, or is he planning something devious for mankind?

Sound and Vision:
The only very minor downpoints we could find in the transfer are some edge enhancement and small aliasing, but hardly noticeable and therefor definitely not disturbing. For the rest we get a perfect vision with great special effects, good color depth, bright colors, nice shadow depth and a good level of detail. Truly a great piece of work.

The same goes for the soundtrack which is exemplary. If you want to show off your new surround system, just put in this dvd and you’ll blow your friends away. The spreading of the effects and music over the different channels is perfect and will bring you right in the middle of the action while the subwoofer will make sure you stay with your feet on the ground.

This special edition consists of 2 discs so knowing Fox, we’re in for a real treat.
The first disc has two audio commentary tracks, the first with director Bryan Singer and camera man Newton Thomas Sigel while the second track has us listening to Lauren Shuler Donner, Ralph Winter, Dan Harris, David Hayter and Mike Dougherty (producers and screenwriters) who talk about the history and evolution of X-Men so not only about the movie itself.

The second disk starts off with “History of the X-Men” which consists of two features that give more information about the origin and evolution of the comic aswell as the creation of the character named “Nightcrawler”. Under “Pre-Production”, three features are listed starting off with a possibility to watch the opening scene in different ways after which you can check out the second feature where more info is given about the sets and locations that have been used to end with a featurette where you get to know more about the costumes and attributes. “Production” consists of 6 features. After a rehearsal of the death fight between Wolverine and Yuriko Oyama you can check out a “Making Of” where cast & crew get interviewed. Then we get again a couple of features about the Nightcrawler character after which you get inside info on how certain special effects have been created. “Post-Production” starts off with an interview with John Ottman who’s responsible for the music score and who talks a lot about what he’s done to make everything fit like a glove with the action. X2 Global Webcast Highlights shows the highlights of the internet broadcast that was held for the world premiere of the movie. Afterwards you can enjoy a bunch of deleted and/or extended scenes to end with a whole bunch of photo galleries and trailers.

Almost perfect image, fantastic sound, a crapload of extras and a movie that’s packed with action and special effects without ever getting boring. What more do you want? Get to a local dvd shop… NOW!

Our Score:

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