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In the near future mutants live amongst us and when Senator Kelly wants to pass a law in congress which would mean that they would all need to be registered, the evil mutant Magneto finds it has been enough and starts a plan which would bring mutants in power over earth. He tries to kidnap 2 mutants called Rogue and Wolverine to use them for his plan, but luckily they get saved by the X-Men, a group of friendly mutants under the guidance of Professor Xavier. Xavier is under the impression that mutants and humans can live together without any problems and in the cellars of an old school he’s set up a complete training center for mutants where they can develop their skills and learn to control them. When Rogue and Wolverine come into the school, they get accepted pretty well, but when Rogue almost accidentally kills Wolverine, she runs away. When Magneto gets his hands on Rogue, it’s up to the X-Men including Wolverine to save her and along with her, the whole world.

Sound and Vision:
There is absolutely NOTHING bad that can be said about either sound or image quality. No compression errors nor edge enhancement can be detected, colors are very natural for humans and surroundings while special effects are extremely bright and deep. The image is overall crystal clear and has good shadow detail aswell. The soundtrack has clear dialogues and great use of front, center, surround and subwoofer channels and as said before : it’s sublime.

There’s a “Behind-the-Scenes” with interviews with cast&crew and if you don’t get enough of people that are talking you can also check out a seperate interview with director Bryan Singer. Unfortunately, this last interview is divided into 5 pieces rather than being “one” interview. Next to that we get a couple of deleted scenes which you can also view included in the original movie if you want. Last we get trailers, tv spots and art gallery

A great DVD when it comes to special effects and both image and sound quality. The extras aren’t bad but not really noteworthy either. Fox will be releasing an “Ultimate Edition” soon and hopefully we’ll see some more – and more interesting – extras appearing on that one. Meanwhile you may not want to wait and get your hands on this DVD

Our Score:

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